Aleks is a professional dancer, choreographer and creative director from Russia who began his dance training at age three.  His many accomplishments on television and stage include being a lead dancer for Russia's most prestigious dance company "Igor Moissev Ballet," and the lead dancer in "Riverdance Beijing."  He can be seen on the 15 year anniversary DVD which is sold all around the world.  Aleks was also a lead choreographer/dancer in "Dancing with the Stars" Russia and for Moscow Music Hall.  Additionally, he worked as a choreographer for Tata Simonian's concert in Moscow in 2011 and in Yerevan.  He has also danced for Princess Cruises under the direction and choreography of Danny Teeson and Wendy Johnson.

Aleks spent 7 years traveling around the world in order to broaden his knowledge of each nation's dance, culture and heritage by training with the native professionals in each country.  He brings more than 20 years of experience on stages around the globe, to his 10 years of experience teaching kids, adults and professional dancers.  With his unique perspective, he developed a very successful kid's ballet/folk program for his mother's dance studio in Russia and published a book for parents called "Let's Dance.”